C#, WinForms, xUnit
A simple hashing tool. There is a command line and a GUI program that can hash file content or text using several different hashing algorithms. I made this because OpenSSL, which I normal use for this task, didn't have SHA512 support. There is also a library (dll/assembly) that can be used in other projects. The library allows registering other Hashing algorithms.

Command line 
    MD5: 91b84a222dbbeaf78007435a1d371417
    MD5: 5d18f920c893df7e79bc09ce46dd5fd7

Catechize |
C#, ASP.NET MVC, xUnit
Catechize is an ASP.NET MVC 3 application written in C# which I’m developing to provide a template framework for online courses. This application will be a database driven application, allowing online creation and administration of courses and their content including functionality to allow easy translation of the content into other languages.

This project is still in the early stages of development.

Machen | v0.3
Html, jQuery
Machen is a simple framework that works like presentation software i.e. PowerPoint. This project was developed as a tool for the revision of material I’m learning in my study of Koine Greek. It allows simple creation of slides and the inclusion of sub panels that contain the answers. Slides are first shown with the answer hidden and the next time you press the spacebar or other relevant keys the answer section is shown. Movement is done through a variety of keyboard keys or mouse clicks and it has a full view port mode to remove everything bar the content area.

I'm currently working on extracting relevant re-usable functionality into a jQuery plugin to untie the JavaScript from the Html.

TheBookshop | Not online at the moment
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, jQuery
TheBookshop is a Ruby on Rails project which I used to manage book purchases in my Church. This tool allows me to input purchases and assign them to customers, create invoices for customers and either send an email to the customer or print off a PDF invoice for mailing or handing out to the customer.