Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheat Sheets

This post contains my index of Cheat Sheets which I will update regularly (I hope!) At the moment it's very bare, but I'll be working on getting some of the useful cheat sheets from my old blog over soon.

Regular Expressions - Source Page - Language Agnostic.

CSS 2.1 Cheat Sheet - Source Page

jQuery 1.5 Visual Cheat Sheet - PDF, (Source Page)

Formatting Strings - PDF
Linq Cheat Sheet -  ZIP, (Source Page)

Life Cycle Events (PDF)
Page Life Cycle Image

Sites With Cheat Sheets
Some of the cheat sheets linked to are from the pages below.
John Sheehan - .NET Cheat Sheets
Added Bytes - Cheat Sheets - Varied list of cheat sheets.

Windows Powershell Quick Reference

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