Friday, March 4, 2011

KnowDotNet Introduction

This is the first in an potentially unending number of posts on classes, functions of the .Net Framework. It may include Visual Studio tips as I remember them or come across them.

The goal of this series is simply to make myself (and you if your interested) more familiar with what is available in the .Net framwork in the way of classes or function etc. In brainstorming a few ideas I've already come accross functions that I've not noticed before which would have made my life a little easier as a programmer.

Needless to say, this is probably going to be boring in some cases, but the .Net Framework has a massive amount of interesting and helful features, classes etc, that are impossible to use if you don't know they are there.

Just incase someone asks, the idea came about while listening to Dot Net Rocks in which they dedicate a few minutes at the beginning of each episode to something in dot net. I thought the idea had merit. I think that spending a few minutes a day looking at something that I've not used or even seen before, looking a bit closer at things I've used frequently even, can be of great benefit.

This is just an introduction, so keep your eye out for items with the tag KnowDotNet. The first few will probably be generally on the String class... It's a nice place to start :)

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