Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Python: eyeD3 Installation on Windows

I just had a person, by email, tell me that they were altering the ID3 tags on mp3's of sermons. Being a programmer I like to try and automate as much as I can. And being the person that does some of the work in a process I thought I could save one of us some time. I already had a python script to resample -- using lame -- a folder full of mp3 files, and I wanted to be able to apply the ID3 tags to all of the original and resampled mp3 files as they are being processed.

After looking around I found this answer to a question on Stack Overflow; the tool mentioned being eyeD3. The only issue was that the instructions were not adequate/complete; possibly due to changes in the library as the Stack Overflow post was from 2008.

This re sampling work is done on a Windows 7 machine so to install on Windows you need to do the following:
  1. Download the eyeD3 files from here.
  2. Extract to a temporary directory
  3. Go into the "src\eyeD3" folder
  4. Rename the "__init__.py.in" file to "__init__.py" (i.e. remove the ".in" from the end)
  5. go back to the main directory and execute "python setup.py.in install"
I originally had issues purely because of the ".in" on the end of the "__init__.py" file and found that I had to rename the file from this page

The above worked and I was able to create a test file and alter the ID3 tags.

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